Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bonus Round

...And I am blaming YOU, beckaboo. You know why.

Chris and I went up to Hakodate today, to ride the ropeway. Hakodate is a ski resort about an hour and a half from us. During the summer, people hike the mountain trails. During Memorial Day, people still snowboard. I am not kidding! It was a nice way to spend the morning. After, we ate at the Oriase microbrewery. I really like their dark beer. Is good!

Also: Japan is not The Land of the Rising Sun, Japan is The Land of Park Where The Fuck Ever.
Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Trust me.

Monday, May 22, 2006


It's been so long since I've gone to the Onsen. Beccaboo and Sly and I went to Komaki's tonight.'s amazing what a good soak can do for you.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

WTF? 6: Assorted Foodstuffs

Kami Pan (Turtle Bread)
Made for Children's day. Turtles are believed
to live for 10,000 years. They represent longevity.
I saw these guys at the bakery and couldn't resist.
I think it's probably a Chichi Kami (Daddy) and Otokonoko Kami (little boy).
The bread had been baked about 15 minutes before I bought it.
It was very tasty.
Regular readers of my blog know
how much I love mochi, especially fancy ones.
I picked this package up when I bought the Kami Pan.The bumpy one in the corner is pretty scary.In fact, it looked like a tumor.
It's not a tumor.
But I couldn't get past it, thusly
it was not consumed.
The other mochi were, though.
note: too much mochi causes constipation.
trust me.Yasai (Vegetables)
Because we are in the midst
of farm country, the produce is amazing.
Here's a pre-packaged veggie set containing:
kinoko (mushrooms)
asparaga (asparagus)
nasu (eggprant)
imo (potato)
peppa (peppers)
negi (green onions)
negitama (western-style onion)
kyabetsu (cabbage)
kabocha (squash)
add some sauce and. . .
rock the wok!
this is my favorite easy dinner.
and it costs less than two bucks.
Kodomo no Nomimono (Kid's Drink)
A nomimono (drink) packaged to look just like beer.
I read about it a long time ago, on this site.
I'd never seen any until two weeks ago.
I liked the retro label. However, I couldn't figure out
if it was for children or made from children.
It looks like pee, so until I ascertain if it's for
children or from children, I'm not drinking it.
Also, the kiddie on the front reminds me of
my good friend, Kaidi. He's Chinese, though.
Karaage (fried things)
Look! Japanese Pork Rinds!
Who said they didn't have Rednecks
in the Land of the Rising Sun!
I think they're actually fried tofu skins.

Chris tried it before I did.
I don't like stepping on slugs,
let alone ingesting them.Ha, ha. Not really. It's GIANT CORN PUFFS!
Quite tasty, light and slightly sweet.

Ice Cream!
If you come up to the register with
a shopping basket full
of nothing but ice cream,
despite her best efforts, the cashier will laugh at you.I love Japanese ice cream and frozen treats.
They are often packaged as single servings so
it is easy to do portion control. Every thing I buy is
under 200 calories, most things are well under 100.
Lots of things are impossibly cute, too.Here's what the watermelon popsicle looks like
the seeds are tiny chocolate chips.
The honeydew one uses teeny white candies for seeds.
No artificial flavors or colors, fat-free and only 75 calories each.Here's an ice-cream cone.
It's only about four inches tall.
Each one comes protected in it's
own plastic ice-cream armor.
Sometimes they're hard to crack open.
The calories I expend freeing the cone
entitles me to another one. Bonus!
One glass contains dish soap.
One glass contains a Japanese drink.
Can you tell which is which?I almost couldn't drink this stuff.
It not only resembles dish soap but something else, too.
wink, wink.
I figured, what the hell?
I've swallowed drinks, dishsoap and that,
so I might as well try this.

The Koiwai Farm Yogurt Drink was very gooddespite it's suspicious appearance.
Unfortunately, the only vending machine
around here that has it is on the other side of town.
I will admit to having made a special trip over there to get it, but just once.

Monday, May 15, 2006


On Thursday (May 11) of last week, I went out for lunch. It is really rare for me to go out to lunch. Even more rare that I go with anyone and it's just about never that I go to lunch with all the guys in my shop! and when i say guys, i mean guys. i'm the only XX person in the office. it's hard to balance out all that testosterone, but someone's gotta try.I love youse guys!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Kimono Girlz

Here I am with Sly. I need to post the one of me, Sly and Nini.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ice Cream!

I know I haven't been much for posting to this blog lately, the triathlon updates are getting precedence. For those of you worried about me...I got over my unhappy, cranky spell. At any rate, let me write about some fun things.

I didn't blog on the day it happened, but it was such a nice thing that I need to mention it. On May 6th, Sly, Sly's friend NiNi and I went to Tamura Studio to get some portraits done. Sly and I have been talking about doing this for months. Sly wore a kimono I gave her (along with an obi , obijime and obiage), which is bamboo pattern and this really pretty green-yellow--I color I love to see her wear (mostly because I can't wear it).I wore a kimono Sly gave me (along with permission to wear her family crest). Nini got a bright pink rental kimono and she looked HOTT! You go, gurl! Although she thought it was pretty, NiNi didn't like being all trussed up in the kimono. Honestly, the photo studio ties them tightly so they don't fall apart. The way I've learned to tie them, they are actually pretty comfortable to wear. I stole this photo from NiNi's blog, which is probably not a smart thing to do, as she is a lawyer and could sue my curvy white ass for taking stuff without asking. That's right, mess with the lawyer, you dumbass.

Here is Sly and here is yours truly enjoying ice cream and Sakura blossoms in Misawa's Chuo Koen (middle park). I stole this picture from Nini's site. We all did Ohanami (flower viewing) after we had kimono portraits taken on May 6th. I was the only person in the park wearing a kimono. I'm glad I enjoy looking like a total cone, or I wouldn't have nearly as much fun. Oh, hey, I just noticed that Sly has on a tank top I got for her. How about that? So, in this picture, Nini caught Sly and me in the middle of doing a bunch of lines from Eddie Murphy's "RAW" routine. "You ain't got no ice cream! You on wel-fare and can't af-ford it! Your momma's an al-co-hol-ic." and so on. I couldn't believe we all knew the routine. We are too funny and we crack each other up. Crazies.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

$#%@ it.

My aunt went in for surgery today. Mom said AD was pretty frightened and that was mostly upset me, because AD is totally cast-iron-bitch tough and if she's scared, well, holy sweet babby zombie jeebus. The good news was they didn't have to slice her open from stem to stern, they were able to do laproscopic surgery and the growth, at first examination, doesn't appear to be malignant. So now both my mom and my aunt have had intestinal issues. Needless to say, I upped my fiber intake. Considerably. She called me, she recovering, minus eight inches of intestine.

As light as I make of it, honestly it was tough, and I didn't want to deal with that or with work and it was a sunny day, so we went to Hirosake to see the Sakura (Cherry Blossoms). It's the first time we've gone to do Ohanami (flower viewing) and actually had the Sakura blooming.

It was a beautiful day and the sun and the Sakura and all the people--well it all helped to take my mind off of a lot of stuff that's been rattling around my head and making me constantly the verge of tears and/or a total nuclear rage meltdown constantly for the last few weeks. I felt a bit guilty about bailing out of work, but I have been pretty freaking useless anyway , so I only felt a *bit* guilty. It's not like the shop falls apart without me, either.

I really need a long vacation to really think about some stuff. Actually, to think about a lot of stuff. By myself. The triathlon training is actually good for me in this respect, focusing on moving my body gets me out of my head, if you know what I mean.

Sakura Matsuri Photos at Flickr

This is one I really like, because it has a kimono lady in it.