Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ice Cream!

I know I haven't been much for posting to this blog lately, the triathlon updates are getting precedence. For those of you worried about me...I got over my unhappy, cranky spell. At any rate, let me write about some fun things.

I didn't blog on the day it happened, but it was such a nice thing that I need to mention it. On May 6th, Sly, Sly's friend NiNi and I went to Tamura Studio to get some portraits done. Sly and I have been talking about doing this for months. Sly wore a kimono I gave her (along with an obi , obijime and obiage), which is bamboo pattern and this really pretty green-yellow--I color I love to see her wear (mostly because I can't wear it).I wore a kimono Sly gave me (along with permission to wear her family crest). Nini got a bright pink rental kimono and she looked HOTT! You go, gurl! Although she thought it was pretty, NiNi didn't like being all trussed up in the kimono. Honestly, the photo studio ties them tightly so they don't fall apart. The way I've learned to tie them, they are actually pretty comfortable to wear. I stole this photo from NiNi's blog, which is probably not a smart thing to do, as she is a lawyer and could sue my curvy white ass for taking stuff without asking. That's right, mess with the lawyer, you dumbass.

Here is Sly and here is yours truly enjoying ice cream and Sakura blossoms in Misawa's Chuo Koen (middle park). I stole this picture from Nini's site. We all did Ohanami (flower viewing) after we had kimono portraits taken on May 6th. I was the only person in the park wearing a kimono. I'm glad I enjoy looking like a total cone, or I wouldn't have nearly as much fun. Oh, hey, I just noticed that Sly has on a tank top I got for her. How about that? So, in this picture, Nini caught Sly and me in the middle of doing a bunch of lines from Eddie Murphy's "RAW" routine. "You ain't got no ice cream! You on wel-fare and can't af-ford it! Your momma's an al-co-hol-ic." and so on. I couldn't believe we all knew the routine. We are too funny and we crack each other up. Crazies.


Saka-Chan said...

I look fat in the ice cream picture. Fitting, huh? I was a bit bloated - my Aunt Flo was visiting...tmi??? Hey, I have to explain my huge gut!!!

KARIMA said...

I would never sue you, however, I would help you sue some folks that need to get sued. I love the blog and had such a great time with you! We have to do it again, singing "I got some ice cream". LOL!