Saturday, June 17, 2006

WTF? 7: More WTF Foodstuff

Okay. Seltzer is good. Coffee is good. Coffee and Seltzer is NOT GOOD. NOT GOOD AT ALL.
When we first moved to Japan, I noticed that quail eggs were popular. They're speckly and cute and tiny. I've wanted to make a teeny omelette forever! So I got some quail eggs on sale. Then in the process of making my omelette, I learned that quail eggshells are leathery , not crisp like chicken eggs. For some reason, this totally grossed me out. Anyway, I smushed two of them into inedibleness trying to crack the shells. Then I got smart and cut the small end. A cook needs appropriately-sized pans, based on what's being prepared. It took me a while but I found a teeny fry pan! Hooray for the hundred-yen store! The little pan is about the size of my palm, the big pan is a standard fry pan. It came from Ikea, in case you care.
Here's my teeny fried egg. The yolk is a little bit smaller than a quarter. I know I promised an omelette, but I got lazy and decided an omelette was too much work, what with having to cut the tops off all those eggs. And I couldn't find a teeny carton of milk, either. So nyah.
d00d! WTF? Water is H2O..IT ALREADY HAS OXYGEN IN IT! I actually had a ten-minute rant about this, proving I really do need a life. H2O ALREADY HAS OXYGEN IN IT, DAMMIT!
Would you drink a beverage from a can? Of course! What if that can was designed to resemble a rusty fire extinguisher? A what? A rusty fire extinguisher. What's tasty about rust? Nothing. Not only that, the top kanji (one of the few I can read) is the character for charcoal. I didn't even want to venture a guess about what charcoal had to do with anything. So the can was unappetizing and the drink wasn't very good, either, but it was much better than the Coffee Soda.

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