Monday, July 17, 2006

We're Off!

Yay! Vacation! We leave in 20 minutes. I am not sure if I will be able to make updates. We're not bringing the laptops and I'm not overly inclined to spend my vacations in an Internet Cafe.

Thanks to everyone for making my birthday nice!

From Mom and Bud -- money and a pair of sandals with a dragonfly motif and two bathroom books (went into Chris' bathroom, since he spends WAY more time in there than I do)

From Aunt Den -- two bottles of nice wine, loads of DiCamillo bakery goods and some cash, too!

From Sly -- fancy toes and fingers (mani and pedi to make me vacation-ready)

From Eiko -- silver zori and bag (for kitsuke), fresh peaches and a gift of money
("from your Japanese Mommy--go have a good dinner, so you are healthy for your race!")

From Masako-san--an adorable windchime and a beautiful picture frame

From Chris -- TWO cards (one cute, one really sweet) and the chance to pick out some jewelry in Tokyo or Hawaii, also a trip to Shiroi Mori Bakery and no comment made when I ate cake for dinner three days in a row. He makes everyday like my birthday, anyway.


Saka-Chan said...

Have fun and race well. I'll miss you. And a good husband is supposed to make everyday like your day. One day I'll have a hubbie like that too. Love ya!

KARIMA said...

Happy birthday! I can see that you are enjoying the good life. Have fun on your trip.