Sunday, August 27, 2006


Ro is a transparent silk worn during summer, distinguished by it's ladderlike weave. It looks cool but it's silk (a phenomenal insulator)for crying out loud! It's still warm, especially combined with an underrobe. I hadn't even put the obi on and I was sweating gallons.

The Japanese are big on season clothes. Ro is only worn during the month of August (the hottest month). So you wear this particular silk as well as wearing light, bright colors, so you will project "coolness." Even if you are ready to drop dead of heat exhaustion (like me here) you look cool and carefree to everyone else and that's what matters. Crazy Japanese.

Here I am on my way to my part-time job selling kimono. My obi is also made of ro. The koi (carp) on the obi is very similar to the koi tattooed on my right ankle. Eiko-san thought that it was hysterical I bought an obi to match my tattoo. The pattern on the kimono is sakura (cherry) blossoms, so I always think of Sly (who is smart enough NOT to wear hot clothing in the summer) when I wear it. I was hot and crabby and totally ready to give someone the beat-down with my bangasa (oiled paper parasol) but Chris wisely kept out of range while snapping the pictures.


Candice said...

So… I´m not sure how I got here, through links from Pocket Farm to someone to you, I think.

But, hey, so far, I´m loving your blog. It´s always been a dream of mine to live in Japan, (since 2nd Grade Japanese class) but I´m in Colombia learning Spanish instead.

I´m looking forward to reading the rest of your classy adventures.

Chao, C

ps. cute photo

Saka-Chan said...

u look preeettttyyyy

KARIMA said...

Hi Jodi, I love your Kimono! I hope all is well and hope to hear from you soon. :-)

KARIMA said...

I have to agree with Sly you look muy bonita!

Eleryth said...

Man, why didn't I meet you before? I studied kimono when I was in Misawa as well, and would have loved to hang out with another foreigner who was intersted!

Anonymous said...

Sakura in August? I thought it might be too late, but do you feel that the seasonal plant motifs are "obeyed" the same way there?