Sunday, October 29, 2006

Big Bazaar

I worked the Big Bazaar again! I had so much fun last year, I figured why not do it again?
As before, I worked with Ikeda-san , owner of Le Kimono Galerie, down in Yokohama. We had a lot of fun and we did a crazy amount of business-both of us didn't get any lunch, we zoomed right through the eight hours of the first day!

Ikeda-san, in typical Japanese understatement, said "Business was good." (I looked at the tally sheet. Business was REALLY good).

What sells is never consistent. In the spring, we sold a lot of yukata. Last fall, we sold a lot of obis and haori jackets. This fall, lots more kimono and obi sets were sold, along with a lot of wedding robes, which are fairly pricey. The haori didn't sell well at all.

I had a lot of fun wearing my kimono and telling people about kimono and kitsuke and dressing up a few people.

Pix are on flickr.

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