Monday, March 05, 2007

Spring Things

Hina Matsuri was on March 3rd. I put a little decoration up in my house, too:
Takenoko Onigiri in the Lawsons! Takenoko is literally "bamboo child" The onigiri, shown here in its packaging, contains a shoot (actually a corm) from the bamboo. They're very good and you can only get them in the spring.
Fresh Flowers from the Misawa Farmer's Market (three big bouquets: 750 yen!):
Fresh eggs! Although these are available year round, I was particularly excited to find these at the Misawa Farmer's Market for several reasons:
  • I love brown eggs
  • These were the most humongous eggses I had ever seen
  • All the eggs were weird shapes. Not a single properly egg-shaped egg amongst them.
  • These were all DOUBLE YOLK eggses! My grandmaw always said that doubles were LUCKY!
  • They're a Japanese dozen. That means there's TEN of them. Lee finds this observation hysterical.
  • They had a picture of the CHICKEN that laid them! Seriously! A big old photo of the chicken that laid the eggs. She was a cute red hen.
  • They were less than two dollars! For the equivalent of fifteen small eggs. Wow.
The little word balloon on the label lets you know that there are two yolks in each egg. It also lets you know that you should use the eggs before March 25. They're not kidding, either, as these eggywegs are not pasteurized (and thusly actually TASTE like eggs).

Also, in addition to 3/3 being Hina Matsuri, it was also Creepy Old Japanese Guy Day at the 100 Yen store. I swear, I have never seen so many creepy-ass old dudes as I did that day. Weird.

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