Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Iro Iro (This and That)

The days are starting to shorten, I noticed it was still dark at 4:20am. The weather's been gross, so I am looking forward to Autumn, which really is the nicest time of year in this area. today, via email, I totally gave Sly a ration of crap for not updating her page, so I figured I should at least have a little something on mine.

Finding myself missing family and friends back home. Maybe it's the time of year or maybe its the fact we are trying to decide if we are going to stay one more year or head back to the states. I think family and friends picked up on our thoughts because DKC sent us an amazing care package from Hawaii. It was awesome and made us feel loved (and sick, but that was my own fault for eating all those macadamia nuts myself--self-inflicted doesn't count). We got a bunch of emails from people we were close to in Maryland, just when we needed to hear from them, too. A co-worker in England dropped me a nice email, too talking about canoeing on the Nene and going to watch seals swimming in the sea. Nice. Da Gee called to talk to Chris, which made Chris really happy and I got some stuff in the mail, which even though I bought it myself, is still fun and good. Sly remembered I love bamboo and picked up a cute glass serving tray with that motif. She always seems to be spot on with a pick-me-up. A long while back, she suprised me with a bouquet after I had a bad day. Holy cats, has it been that long? Yes it has. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

Also today, I had a nice visit with Eiko, who had a couple of gifts for me and also suprised me by trotting out several new English words and two phrases. Amazing. Still learning at 74 and pretty damn quick on the uptake, too. She's decided to make an effort to learn at least shop English. That's really cool.

Tonight, Chris and I went to dinner to celebrate my updating my MCSA to 2003, and finally got into a restaurant we've been meaning to try. Food was good and the decor was really cute. It was the cleanest place I have ever seen. The chef, I believe, may be retired military or government. Our pizza had basil in the crust, which at first I mistook for nori (dried seaweed). I've been here too long, because that the pizza might contain seaweed didn't faze me in the least.

I'm wondering what suprises the rest of the week may hold. For you readers out there, hope you have some nice suprises coming your way, too.


Goldie said...

Yay! Congrats on your MCSA 2k3! I remember how much that was stressing you out while studying for it. It does seem to be a week (or two, last week for me) of surprises. I got my line number for SSgt! Say hi to Ben, Justin, and that creepy guy for me =)

B A K A G A I J I I N said...

Hey Goldie,

I saw the listing for Staff had your name on it, I shot you an email to the addy in the gal, not sure if you got it. Congrats on making staff, for sho'!