Friday, March 31, 2006


Yesterday, I got home from work to discover
that Spring had been sprung.
However, this morning, Spring was back in lockup.
Japanese Spring is just Winter every other day instead
of Winter every day.I bought this buddha because I
think he looks like my sensei, Don.
Don is a splendid name for a
buddha to go by. I am officially thin enough to wear
Japanese medium-sized clothing.
When I got here, I wore L or
LL sizes. Also, I am a dork.
This Japanese laundry soap
smells like Spree candy.
However, it still tastes like soap.
You have to brush your teeth
a LOT to get rid of the taste, too.
I accidentally bought (and drank) carrot tea two days ago.
The bottle was pretty, which is why I bought it.
It wasn't bad but it was a weird color. So was my pee, afterwards.
No pictures (thank heaven).

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