Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Wow, it's been over a week since the last update! There was a bunch of Japanese-related stuff I wanted to write about, including the Japanese movie genre of pinky violence, but everything's gone out of my head. I did remember to write to say I own the pinky violence movie "Sex and Fury" solely for the scene where the seriously kick-ass (anti-)heroine, armed only with a sword, takes out the 12 bad guys who have surrounded her. And she does it nekkid! Anyhoo...

Sly and I haven't seen much of one another lately. We've both been out of sorts, but now we're both doing better. I love Sly so much!

So we both went to the onsen last night. Ahhhh, bliss. Also, Sly has started lifting weights again and after a few weeks, she's got guns -her arms look fabulous! Actually, so does the rest of her.
I hate lifting weights. I would happily do aerobics til my heart exploded, but I hate lifiting, even though it works. So I need to start that. Next week.

You know how shopping for bathing suits makes you cry? Try shopping for bathing suits in Japan. It's enough to make you wanna curl up and die.

But guess what? I did. And I don't even wear an extra large. I do wear a large, but I'm (sort of) okay with that. I don't look all that bad in it either. Or that good, but I'm (sort of) okay with that, too. It's a blue and maroon speedo, and very modest and should be perfect...

...for workout swimming. Which means I need to take lessons. What? I can't swim? Well, I can, but it's more along the lines of actively avoiding drowning than it is swimming and thusly won't function as a workout, so I'm gonna take lessons so I can use swimming as a workout. And lately, there's a little voice in my head going "do a sprint a sprint triathlon". I should probably not listen to this little voice. But compared to the other little voice going "KILL THEM ALL!", the triathlon voice is definitely more sane.

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