Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Last night, my 'net xtion croaked. Hard. Nothing would bring it back. Frustrated, I shut everything down and went to bed.

This morning, I restarted everything, performed a few tweaks and was good to go.

So this afternoon, at work, I "casually" mentioned "You know I had a problem with my connectivity last night...did anyone else?"

And everyone else in the office was like "ME! TOO!" The subtext being that we were all relieved that it wasn't just us individually having issues and that no one would come and revoke our Nerd licenses for losing connectivity.

Lee thought it was his router. I thought my slowly dying machine had finally shuffled off the Tesla Coil, Kotlarsic thought it was just his shitty, half-assed connection, and Kelly, well, bless Kelly, his first thought was he forgot to pay his bill and they shut him down. K's second thought was he paid his bill and they shut him down anyway (his ISP has made a hobby of randomly disabling his service).

Turns out there was a pretty major outage affecting all the ISP's. It had nothing to do with us.

Hee hee hee. Nerds.

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Anonymous said...

LMAO. I can imagine each of you in your homes cursing the computers at the same time trying to figure out why it wont work.
BTW, I no longer have to put up with Jensnet's crazy monopoly..I pay $40/mo for a 5MB connection. So far so good...BTW if Kelly reads this I want him to know that I have the best wow connection ever..dropping my 350-800ms ping in misawa down to 50! God Bless TX!!

PS: Oh yeah, and God Bless Lego Star Wars!!! sorry Jodi, had to throw that in! :)