Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Not Very Pheasant

We have this Japanese Green Pheasant living in the patch of woods behind our house. Wiki's not kidding about it living near human communities--this pheasant is in my backyard. This pheasant makes a noise like someone is trying to rape an innertube with a rusty bike horn while simultaneously raking their nails down a chalkboard. At 2 am. This noise wakes me up. Did I mention at 2 am? I am going to go kill that phucking pheasant. The one we had last year got eaten by something in early April, so I didn't have this problem. This year's model managed to survive. But not for long.


Anonymous said...

Lol, you should let your cat out to go eat the phucking pheasant! One of the few benefits of living on base was I never had to hear such an abomination. Later.

Lego Star Wars FTW!

Marissa said...

That sounds dreadful! I hope a wild animal finds the tasty pheasant dinner soon.