Sunday, August 24, 2008

Misawa City Festival - 50th Anniversary

Misawa has a City Festival every August. This one was extra special in that Misawa City is celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

There was a three hour long parade down the newly-renovated White Pole Street (which should be renamed simply White Street as the poles are long gone now), ending at the newly-dedicated American Park. More stuff in the Misawa City Festival Flickr Set.

The guys from the office volunteered to carry a mikoshi (float). Here's short clip:


Michael Anthony said...

Hey Jodi! I really enjoyed all the pictures - looks like I missed a great time!!! I hope you all are doing well... God bless, Mike :)

B A K A G A I J I I N said...

Hey Mike,

Good to hear from you!
It WAS a GREAT time.

kiyotsukete kudasai!