Monday, November 03, 2008

And So It Begins...

I sold my truck on Sunday to a nice lady named Joy. I hope she enjoys my little truck as much as I did.

Today I also stopped by the hospital and picked up my dental records and made arrangements to get copies of my medical records.

The I went over to the comm squadron and dropped off one of my smart cards/ID cards that I no longer need.

Next was a trip to the Personnel Flight to find out what I need to do transfer my car to the new owner. Short answer, come back tomorrow with Joy to get stuff started.

At work, I packed up my little corner work area and brought all the crap home, stopping to pick up Chris' dry-cleaning on the way home.

I also scheduled the survey of my house for the packout, which will take place in December (date to be determined).

I am currently working on my household goods shipment paperwork.

We are both still trying to find jobs but at least now I can focus and move forward.

Wow. It's really starting to happen!

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