Monday, November 24, 2008

Laundry List

Posting at 11:58pm JST. Way past my usual bedtime!

A lot of phone calls tonight, from family and friends. Cp called and I was SO excited I actually had to sit down. The job interview that was supposed to happen at 10pm did not. I'm hoping it was simply an oversight.

Tore through 25 items on my to-do list, not easy stuff either, with the last thing remaining being to call my company's travel office and get stuff set up for our fly out.

eta: it's now 12:44am. The Japan hotels are booked. The flight is booked. The rental car is booked. The only glitch is there's no extended-stay hotels available for the month of January anywhere in Baltimore. Argh.

The shopping for T-Day is done, the rented tables and chairs have been picked up and set up. The tablecloths got ironed and I got the place settings arranged :

Not happy about the paper plates, but I had to cut some corners somewhere in order to accomplish everything. At least there's not paper cups. Tomorrow, oh, no, wait, today's Monday. I don't have to start any cooking/baking until Wednesday.

I woke up with this joke in my head today: What do you get when you cross an Amish guy, a Chinese guy, a spastic, a polack and a dumb blonde? Misawa's Server Support Group. Ha ha ha.

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