Friday, November 07, 2008


small woman + big diesel truck + judas priest on the stereo = four wheeled terror bearing down on slow-poke japanese drivers. I think I may have made some old obaasan poop her pants.

My truck is done sold. I had to drive Chris' enormous Surf today, which I hate because it is so huge and I feel completely lost in it and I swear to the zombie babby jeebus that it doesn't fit in the parking spots no matter how carefully I manuever it.

I will say the Surf is considerably more POWERFUL than my Tonka Truck ever was and as a result I ended up consistently 30 klicks over the speed limit. It doesn't feel like you're going all that fast for some reason.

Anyway, no news on the repatriation home front. Stay tuned.

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Goldie said...

Just wait till you're back in the states. Took me a while to get used to going 110 klicks all the time and getting passed and cut off by Maryland drivers 0_o