Monday, September 05, 2005

File Under WTF?

Here is a drink I purchased from a vending machine, mostly due to the WTF? factor. A lot of Japanese food/drink/packaging has the WTF? factor, which compels me to buy it simply because it is so bizarre.
As far as I can tell, this "yogurt drink" has a couple of health benefits. Take your pick:

1. Drink it and become impregnated with a giant mutant peanut. BONUS! As the pregnancy progresses, you will also turn into an amorphous blob, sprout a third eye and horns!* This is clearly shown on the front of the can.

2. Drink it and get amoebic dysentery (FREE!) as clearly shown on the front of the can. BONUS! Drink it NOW and you can choose from four, that's right, FOUR kinds of amoebic dysentery. Pick from the amoebas pictured on the back of the can.

Actual Factual:

1. It is a yogurt drink.
2. It is supposed to improve intestinal health by boosting the good bacteria in your guts.
3. It is low-calorie and is pretty nutritious.
4. It tastes decent but looks like really watery semen, so watch out for giant mutant peanuts.

*NOTE: Some of my guy friends claim this happened to their wives during pregancy, even WITHOUT the WTF? yogurt drink.


Susann said...

This really makes me want to go to one of the big Japanese supermarkets we have here and see if they have similar funny stuff.

c trautman said...
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