Sunday, September 04, 2005


Woke up at 1:30am, following a decent-sized earthquake. I was up for good at that point and figured I might as well try to make use of the time. Went for a run (more honestly--a waddle) at 5:15 am, got home and inside just as the skies opened up. Got out the "todo" list and got to work. Housework, that is.

Took a break at 9:00am to take Sakura-san and Midori-san to Misawa-Eki. They're taking the train down to visit relatives during the long weekend.

Ran a few errands, and stopped and got fresh, warm donuts from a local bakery, completely obliterating any benefit I received from my morning exercise.

Then, more housework.

I finally got around to installing the nifty USB 2.0 drive Kelly gave me for a Christmas gift. It's a sleek little silver number, Japanese-made. It took a little longer to install than I expected. I am not really referring to the 9 months since Christmas, so QUIET YOU, I mean the actual installation time. The delay was due to the discovery that I had to go to the store and get compressed air to do some serious cleaning, for when I opened the case of my long-suffering machine, I discovered about three inches of that weird, fuzzy glarf that accumulates in computers. I am amazed my machine didn't burst into flame. I blew out all the glarf, added a USB 2.0 controller card and closed it up. Booted up, no prob, hooked up the drive, found it was named "Squinch" and I laughed like crazy. What the hell is so funny, you may well ask? What the hell is a squinch, you may well ask? Aside from being one of my favorite words, a squinch is an architechtural device that transitions an area of space from a polygonal base to a circular dome. That's a picture of one. At work, I post a word of the week, and "Squinch" had been one of them, just before the holidays. I had also mentioned it was one of my favorite words, too. Pretty clever of Kelly to give me a Squinch for Christmas.

Reviewing that last sentence, I realize it sounds a bit dirty, like something guys would say "Ya see her over there? I'd squinch that."

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