Thursday, September 22, 2005

Getting Tsilly at Tsubohachi

Tsubohachi is the Misawa branch of a Japan-wide franchise. The food is fresh and good and the drinks strong. It is one of our favorite places to eat. So along with Midori-san and Sakura-san we had dinner there last night.

The highlight of the evening was Sakura-san taking off her pants. At the table. Now, mind you, you filthy buggers, she was wearing bike shorts. Poor Sakura-san has a drinking problem, hence the removal of the pants. Most of the drink ended up on her, instead of in her. It's a big problem when you spill instead of sip. She was soaked! So off came her wet trousers. She handled the whole situation with good humor, except for the first instant when it registered that the drink had spilled. At that point, I thought she was going to cry.

In the room next to us, was a very large and VERY LOUD group of Japanese and Americans. I think the Americans were getting ready to deploy and were having one last hurrah, perhaps with some JASDAF folks. Anyway, random bits of conversation:

"Hey Mister Fluent, you need to translate!"
"Translate? But I'm not drunk yet!"

"What? Oh, it's vagina...girl parts...uuuuummm slang...snatch. Snatch!"
"Yeah, you know that part of the girl--that part, down there--what's it in Nihongo?"

"m-a-n-k-o" Here, the Japanese man actually spelled it out, because this is a pretty naughty word, offensive along the lines of the way "c-u-n-t" is in English.

"I love cigarettes!"

"You a bahdass! Bahdass samurai! Ha Ha ha!"

"Muzzafockah? Muzzafockah means?"
"DUDE! If someone calls YOU a motherfucker, you hit them! In the face!"

We went back to our meal.

Sakura-san and Midori-san ordered a deep-fried flounder, then argued over who should eat the head, which is (purportedly) the best part. I thought Chris was going to pass out, he has a hard time when dinner things still have the head on. I wasn't too happy having that poor old flounder staring me down, but at that point, the flounder was past caring.

From the party next door:

"You wanna whiskey too? What kind? Me? Any kind! WHISKEYWHISKEYWHISKEY!"

"I'm from NYC--What! You've been there!"
"Biggu Apperu!"
"What? It IS just like Tokyo, isn't it!"

We left Tsubohachi and the room full of very drunk Gaijin and Nihonjin and went to Komaki Onsen for a good soak. There's something to be said for hot springs, and that's AHHHHHHH.

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Candice said...

Hey, sorry to be loaded up your site will all these useless comments, but, this is classic. I love it, Biggu Apperu… I´m laughing too hard, which I shouldn’t because I’m meant to be working.