Saturday, February 18, 2006


Man, I am so cranky lately I can't stand it. I feel barfulous and like my brain is trying to ooze out of my ears, which feel like they're stuffed with dryer lint. I apologized to Nic and Paul because I've been a bitch-on-wheels at work, although Nic claims he couldn't tell the difference. In addition to feeling like I'm gonna do the technicolour yawn at anytime, I get headaches. I can't describe the headaches, they're awful. Not like migrane awful, it's totally different and very unpleasant. In case you are wondering, I am not gestating a sprog. Gestation is creepy.

But enough about that, it's boring and I sound like a whiny titty baby. Chris and his new ginch went snowboarding and took the truck, because he was planning on driving a bunch of people (this ended up not being the case, though it wasn't Chris' fault). I was sort of annoyed because I wanted to do some grocery shopping and then go for a kimono lesson, but I wasn't gonna walk. I think it's time for a truck for me. It's been two years and a lot of inconvience. To be fair, it is more irritating for Chris, because he ends up driving everywhere.

So I was home alone today, and slowly got the house cleaned and took care of some stuff that's been in a waitstate for some time.

My home network is all jacked up and I really don't feel like dealing with it, so I'm putting up with some weird shit, including some bottlenecking on my feed, but whatever, I can still download pR0n. Actually, I don't even need to do that, I just go to Kelly's site and look at the nekkid ladies, already downloaded.

Chris got back early from snowboarding and we ran errands and did the grocery shopping at the Japanese market and now the house is filled with much yummy things. A lot of Japanese food is really good, but Maple Buns are the devil. I'll write about those some other time.

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