Thursday, February 16, 2006

Kitsu Katsu

Kitsu Katsu can be loosely translated as "I'll win". Of course, the Japanese would shorten it and get Kit Kat! A bit of serendipity for Nestle! And guess what? The candy bars are used as a kind of good luck charm, kids taking exams will eat one right before their tests. At any rate, Nestle is making a killing in Japan! Did you know they have flavoured Kit Kats here in Japanland? The flavored ones are seasonal and quantities are limited, which suits the Japanese temperament, but does not please the Bakagaijin at all, since she can no longer find the Green Tea ones.

In case you were curious, during my time here, I've tried various flavours:

Green Tea
Passion Fruit
Merlot wine <--suprisingly tasty and extremely popular with my co-irkers.

And now there are Sakura (Cherry Blossom) flavoured ones for springtime. I was a bit disappointed with these. Plus the color was sort of odd, it made me think of mannequins or other flesh-colored things, like prothestics. I just didn't find it visually appealing.

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Marissa said...

The color is very weird!

We just do not get a good variety of Japanese candy at our local store. It is almost all Korean, except for some of the Pocky.