Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine II

Look what I got in the mail on Valentine's Day!Vielen Dank für meine warmen Socken!
Susann sent me wonderful hand-knit socks! It was such a nice suprise! The socks are so warm and toasty. The heart-shaped things are called "thrums" and are made from puffs of unspun wool. On the inside of the sock, the thrums make a puffy and warm lining.
Sneaky Susann wrote about the socks in her blog, which I read!

Interestingly enough, Susann's choice of colours echoes my most recent kimono purchase.

This kimono was my souvenir from Sapporo (along with a weight gain of two pounds from beer and chocolates). Here's the kimono. You don't want to see where I gained the weight. Seriously.

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