Sunday, April 02, 2006

Flash Your Stash 2006

Gundel showed me hers, so I'll show her mine! My stash is considerably smaller than it was when I arrived in Japan almost 2 years ago. Some of it has to do with actually knitting stuff and some of has to do with sending scads of Japanese yarn to Sista and Gundel. When I finally get this stuff knitted up, I'm going to stick to buying yarn for a project and nothing more. No more hoarding. It really drives me nuts to have unfinished projects. Most of the remaining yarn actually has projects assigned to it. The big purple skein of Lamb's Pride will make a hat--quickly! I wasn't sure if I should include the batts in the stash, since technically, they're not yarn. The green and green- blue skeins are also Hello Yarn and will be a scarf and hat for the mister. The five skeins of Plymouth Encore were orginally going to be a sweater for Chris, but he gained weight, and I didn't have enough yarn to go up a size, so seven of the original 12 skeins have been made up into hats, socks, scarves, teddy bears, etc. I might knit myself some arm warmers (for biking on cold mornings) with the remaining skeins so I can use them up! The fuzzy pink yarn is for stuff I send to Insou, although the mister has been hinting he'd like to see me in a bikini made out of it. He can keep hinting. The purple Hello Yarn silk tussah mix is going to be a purse, once I can find handles that will do it justice. I love knitting Hello Yarn. It makes even my stitches look great. The sock yarn came from Gundel and I'm working up to making socks with it. The green ribbon Berroco was leftover from a tank I made for my mom. The white acrylic is used for practicing new stitches and for crafts. The red Japanese yarn was leftover from a hat, mitten and teddy bear set. The purple satin ribbon Berroco yarn will be a tank top for me. The purple Berroco suede is going to be a purse for someone. The rose and orange mixed Berocco ribbon are spares for a knitted t-shirt I'm currently working on. The big skein of blue/purple/green is Hello Yarn and is going to be a sleeveless sweater for ME. The cotton yarn is also Hello Yarn, but I forgot what I had scheduled for it. The green ribbon skein was supposed to be fringe for a scarf, then trim for my mom's tank top, but that didn't work out. Now I have no idea what the #$@& to do with it.

Currently, I'm working on a checkerboard pattern scarf in that damn Plymouth Encore (I think I'm going to make it massively long), a ribbon t-shirt (I fear I have lost my place on the decreases for the sleeve set-in and may have to start over, since the note I had pinned to the piece has gone missing) and I have a pair of booties I knitted, washed and blocked but haven't sewn up.

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Susann said...

Oh look at that cute stash!
The pale purple yarn looks just wonderful! But recently everything purple looks good to me. ;-)
I really understand that you want to get rid of it and stick to just buying for projects. That's how I started a long time ago.