Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Today I volunteered at the Library! I read a story called Suki's Kimono to about 12 kids, all under the age of 6. I wore one of my kimono, too. The one I wore is a Taisho-era kimono, so its really colorful and quaint. After I read the story, I had paper kimono for the kids to color as well as origami samurai helmets. Tami, the head librarian, took pictures:

I originally had every intention of changing into yofuku (Western) clothes and going into work but then I decided to call it a wash and head over to the Kaneya kimono shop and show them I can dress myself. I ordered a cute pair of patterned tabi, since I always like to buy something when I go there. I had a nice chat with the one lady who speaks some English. She told me all about her trip to Norfolk VA. She's been to America four times, with her husband, who is in the service. I think he's Japanese, but she said she learned her English from her husband's American friends. She seemed excited to have someone to talk to and I was excited to be that person. I have got to work harder on my conversational Japanese. While we were chatting, I got tea and a higashi (sweet) which is always nice. The elderly lady who is the shop manager came in and was so excited to see me! She was laughing because I had left the basting stitches in my kimono. Duh! She was also pretty impressed that I dressed myself, and told me (again) that many Japanese can't dress themselves, let alone as well as I did (except for the basting threads). It was a nice way to spend some time.

Then it was home, take off the wafuku (kimono), finish the laundry, work on MCSE, Japanese, and web pages and narf down lunch. I need to squeeze in a 20 minute run today, but my hair looks great for once, and so does my makeup and I don't want to wipe off the makeup and wreck the hair by going for a run. This is unusual for me, since usually I'm a hot mess and I don't give a damn. Man, the day is fading fast. I also want to do some knitting and I wanted to bake cookies...

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