Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mushi Shi

We just finished watching the Mushi Shi anime. We really enjoyed it. It's based off a manga, which we also have.

It rained today, but stopped by late afternoon. Definitely a fall sky and for the eleventy-billionith time in my blog, I'm going to mention how awesome the clouds are here. The cloudy weather is not awesome (there's too much of it) but the clouds themselves are splendid. I got out my Audobon's Weather Guide to see how many kinds of clouds I could spot. How can you not like clouds?

Sylvia's pack-out is November 18th. That really drives home how rapidly the end of my time in Japan is approaching.

Since this is the first weekend in a long while that I won't be spending most of my time studying, I am going to do some grocery shopping, home-office stuff, errands and then some knitting and sewing. It feels weird not to be studying, but I've got plenty of other things that have piled up. I am looking forward to getting back to the gym on a regular basis, too.

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