Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scintillating Conversation

I adore my coworkers, even though they sometimes smell as weird as they look. They're smart, funny and endearingly geeky. We talk about all sorts of things. Today we were learning about transparent alumina and sintered ceramics. Even the most serious conversation has lighthearted bits and generally the dialogue is pretty damn funny. There is nothing like getting a bunch of engineering-minded know-it-alls with a propensity towards twisted humor (and pseudologic) together. Unfortunately, most of the humor is of the "you had to be there sort" but yesterday's topics included:

Benri is composed of parts made in China and assembled in the USA.

Cockroaches came before dinosaurs but we're still working on the chicken/egg thing.

It is better to be pissed off than pissed on but there's money to be made from both situations.

An airplane on a giant treadmill still can take off, duh.

We are yet undecided about quantum crystalline versus adamantium in terms of overall strength. It might be apples and oranges, but at the very least, it's two different universes.

Darth Vader would probably win a fight with Superman (we worked through several scenarios).

The Borg could most likely assimilate a virus but based on the episode with the cycling phaser frequencies, a couple of Borg would have to be infected/die first. One really interesting thing - everyone responded to the question by first asking "What's the virus' payload?"

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Goldie said...

No really, what's the virus payload? If it's the Bolian flu then they're totally screwed! XD