Friday, October 17, 2008



Normally I try to update the blog on M, W, F. With me being so focused on doing my MCSE tests (one left), I haven't been updating. A whole week rushed by without my even realizing it.

Between studying, studying, studying, eating, sleeping and working (barely) I've been looking for a job. Send me luck. THANKS!

Speaking of sending stuf, SD sent me a lovely care package - beer and dried snacky things. THANKS!

I am a bad influence and made Sly buy SHOES. HAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU'RE WELCOME!

Mom emailed to check up on me - THANKS. I LOVE YOU, TOO!

Skully and I finally connected - chatted about vivisection, bacon and POOP. I miss you, dude!

The big bazaar is tomorrow. My last one! I am excited and very sad, too. I am going to wear some of my fancy fancy kimono for my last hurrah. But where did I put my fancy hair?

The weather has been gorgeous. I don't want to leave. But the fact that I am going to makes it that much more of a wonderful last autumn here in Japanland.

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