Saturday, October 22, 2005

Poetry Corner

BN is the son of MN, a former coworker of mine. MN used to have his poems posted all over her office and they were always a great conversation starter. BN's been writing since he was a little boy. Now his not so little--he's attending Oberlin college and still writing. Here's a very recent work by BN.

long walks in lowell

the past wanders around in skirts
i scrape your name onto a wall
and find our stories in flaking paint

love can rust
can taste like mildew
love leaks. as a tricycle
it rolled all crooked

i rode the luck of love
up around the leidseplein

the problem with philosophy
is it obscures real things,

sometimes. it blurs the images
i want, paint perfect sharp
refractions of whats happening

i want to see the zits, the coughs
and laughs, the blend of sun
light onto horizon

i dont have any perfect maps
weaving our friendship through the streets

but every place i knew was where
the tourists went

insignificances crowd the path

i put my organs on display
for you. i cut my tongue,

braced for heart ache
i monologue my fears

the air is cool where you look at me

ive read the gourmet recipes
for love pate, lovestuffed pheasant,
dressed and battered love

and tried them out
im sick with them

ive wandered with you
through a couple continents
but dont know where youve gone

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