Saturday, October 15, 2005

WTF? 3 and 4: Kai Mono Imasu (Shopping)

So I was on my way to the grocery store to buy some more of those fall mochi I discussed in "Random Good Things" and I happened to glance in the display window of Kochikiya, a store I had not gone into before. Suddenly, I had the perfect excuse to drop in and see what the store had for sale, because I was not going to pass up the chance to have WTF? shopping moment.
And here it is! A giant stuffed maru nasu (Japanese Round Eggplant). I was even more excited to discover the thing was on sale for more than half off! No wonder, who the hell would buy a giant plush eggplant. Uh...yeah...anyway...Here's the maru nasu, sitting in the middle of my den.

As we were walking out of the store, Chris said "I know what you're going to blog about tonight."

After the eggplant store and the grocery store, we stopped by the 100 Yen Shop (like American Dollar Stores but much better stuff) because I needed a new lanyard for my work badge. Going to the 100 Yen means you never run in and buy just one thing, you have to wander around and see what's new since you were last there (in my case, that's quite often). I was walking down the baking aisle when I saw this: I nearly peed myself laughing. It is the only way both cookie humpers, er, cutters will fit, but still! Of course, I had to buy them, so I could come home, take a picture of it and post it to the blog. Hey, I never promised you Pulitzer-quality E-Literature, now did I?

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Candice said...

Okay, stop already, you´re going to get me fired! I shouldn´t be laughing this much at work, work isn´t meant to be funny, unlike your cookie phuckers. JAAJAJAJAJ