Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Kitsuke V

Tonight was only an hour lesson (damn having to work for a living) so it was totally speed kitsuke. I learned two variations on the Fukuro Suzume bow, then went home and promptly forgot them.

A cute thing happened during the lesson. Eiko-san and the other older vendors, were practicing my name! I had been under the assumption that she just couldn't remember my name half the time, but in actuality, she knew it, but she was afraid she would mispronounce it. Maskao-san told me last night that the "Dee" sound in my name is a fairly modern one, and many people Eiko-san's age have trouble with it. So while I was tying my obi, I kept hearing "joDEE...joDEE...joDEE". It was a bit odd.

I finally told Masako-san that I understood that my name was hard and to make it easier, I would answer to "Jo". I think everyone was relieved.

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