Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Taihen is the word for problem, which is what we had tonight while we were trying to mail a very large item through Kuro Nekko (Japanese Fed Ex). We struggled through transaction and it was looking pretty bleak--when the Japanese start saying dame des (it's hard, it might not happen) it's bad, but when they say mure (impossible), well, you're pretty much fucked. We were at dame des and veering into mure until the manager came 'round and busted out some English. And not just any English, mind you, but unaccented, fluid, perfect English. We were crazy suprised. Honest, he sounded like he was from the midwest. Okay, maybe there was a little bit of an L sound to his R's but it was very, very slight. Even better than his English was his mad management skills-- he got our troublesome item shipped. So that was the end of our taihen.

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