Friday, January 20, 2006


We were at the hospital today and Chris was undergoing a routine eye exam and he fainted during the glaucoma test!

He came out of the examination area and he looked bad. I mean, really bad. He turned to me and said "I need you to drive me home." Of course, I got terrified, because I thought the doctor had just told him he had cancer or some horrible eye disease or something. While we were heading out, Chris told me he had fainted during the exam. Well, I got Chris home and no sooner was he out of the car when he puked in the front yard. Poor guy. He was out of commission the rest of the day.

Happily, he recovered enough to go out to dinner with our buddy DKC and Masako-san. We went to Tsubohachi's and it was a lot of fun. DKC is a total cutie. I was hoping Masako would be interested but she's seeing someone. Damn. Maybe I can hook up Sly with DKC. That would be awesome. Sly's gonna kick my ass if I get all nosy and interfere-y, so it probably wasn't a good idea to put this on my blog. HI SLY! I MISS YOU! There's a bottle of good wine and some cheese and crackers waiting for when you get back!

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Saka-Chan said...

DKC is a cutie, but I have too many issues for him. He deserves the best and I'm not ready for him. Besides, I'm all wrapped up in my own D....

Miss you too.