Saturday, January 21, 2006


How to get a deal on a great kimono.

  1. Find a flea market.
  2. Find the kimono stand.
  3. Dig through the piles for a good one.
  4. Ask if the kimono is jinken (rayon) or silk.
  5. When told if it is silk, ask if it is chirimen, to impress the lady.
  6. While she's suprised that you know what chirimen is, ask how much it is.
  7. When you are told it's ichimon yen (100 dollars) nod your head.
  8. Sit quietly then say "Gomen naisai, tsukoshi taikai." (I'm sorry, it's a little expensive).
  9. The lady will lower the price to 70 dollars.
  10. Keep petting the kimono and look earnest and say "Omatchi kudasai" (please wait).
  11. Make a big show of running off to find your spouse.
  12. Come back and look sad and say "Shujean ga fuku jinaii" (my husband isn't happy).
  13. Try not to grin while the price is lowered to 50 dollars.
  14. Look really, really despondent.
  15. Lie and say all you have is 40 dollars (there is actually 60 dollars in your wallet).
  16. Watch in amazement as the deal is closed and you get the kimono!
  17. Make a big show of bowing and emphatically thanking the woman.
  18. Beat feet before you ruin it by busting out laughing.

I took my "stolen" kimono to Eiko-san for evalution and she told me it was a very, very good kimono. It was probably a thousand dollars when it was new. It has cutwork and embroidery and a beautiful ombre dye job on the sleeves. It has one tiny stain on the hakkake (lining) near the bottom. This thing is mint condition. It will be perfect for Masako-san! Yay! I'd post some pictures of it, but I left the camera with Eiko-san after today's kitsuke lesson. I am still having trouble getting the length of the kimono correct. Basically, Eiko-san told me my obi skills are very good, but my actual kimono skills suck.

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