Monday, January 02, 2006


I had 173 Xmas photos, not including the ones previously posted. There's NO WAY I am going to put them all up here as Blogger only allows you to upload 5 pix at a time. So here's some select ones.

The funny Xmas story:
We're opening our gifts, in a gluttonous frenzy of mass mercantilism and consumer greed and over the rrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiip of tearing wrapping paper, and I hear this soft scrape, scrape noise.
Curious, I look out into the living room, and see Genji the cat with his front paws up on the end table where the Creche is. He's sort of snuffling around and I realize...
"Chris! Chris! Stop Christmas!"
Chris stops in mid-rip, wondering what he did wrong."Huh, what?"
"The Cat! The creche! Oh, dammit! The cat's stealing the Babby Jeebus out of the nativity!"
I stand up. Sure enough, The cat, who apparently wanted to get on the Fast Track to Hell, has the Babby Jeebus in his mouth and is trying to look like he doesn't.
I made a lunge towards our pet, yelling "STOP! BAD CAT! NOooOOOOoooO!"
Genji, realizing he was totally busted, spit out Our Savior, and took off.
The Babby Jeebus had some cat spit on his halo and a scratch on his cheek, but no real damage.
After laughing our asses off, we resumed with Christmas.


Christmas 2005
The Tree in the TatamiThat's "GOGGLE" not "GOOGLE"
In an attempt to be funny, I wrapped Sly's gift in
the "HO" paper...but she wrapped mine in the "HO" paper, too!
So we both be HO's.
Sly got a sakura-pink cashmere sweater from us!
She's so cute!
I look better in the dark.
The Yo-Yo is handmade by Bud!
I got mad, because I can't do any yo-yo tricks.
Self-portrait. I look better in the dark.

Baka! Boshi jinai!
Idiot! That's not a hat!Awwww...MINEMINEMINEALLMINE!
Chris' Pile

Chris got Radical Fish Clubs!Wheeeeeeeeeeee!
Jodi got artwork!We both got a lemon mousse pie
from Deb, our neighbour (yum)!

Here's our table, all set for
Christmas dinnerA close-up of a place setting.
The dishes where a gift from
my brother and his wifeI'm all Xmassed out.
My socks were hand-knit by
meine guten freunde, Susann

Genji is all Xmassed out, too.

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