Monday, January 30, 2006


Sarariman is acutally salaryman, salaried office workers in Japan. This term' includes all white-collar employees from newly recruited freshman (who like schoolchildren, start new their new jobs they same day the new school year starts--April 1) to general managers but does not include Japanese executives and directors. Nor does it include women,but that's a rant for later posts. The salarymen and their families make up a sizeable chunk of Japan's 'middle-class' and the Japanese government.

A typical day for a salaryman.

Salaryman as a movie genre

When the economic bubble burst in Japan, there were some changes, including layoffs. Since employment for a salaryman had always been cradle-to-grave, this was a big shakeup. The life of a salaryman, though hard, was at the very least secure, and now that is no longer the case.

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