Saturday, November 12, 2005


I have been so very social in the last three days that I boycotted interpersonal interaction today. Seriously, in the last three days, I have been out more than I have in the last two years. Chris got the brunt of my grouchiness, poor guy. I really do need a lot of time to be by myself, always have.

So, today, I spent most of today alone, up in the den...wrapping Christmas presents. I have been wrapping and packing Xmas presents for the last 14 hours! ARGH! This does not include addressing the darn things, either, which I will probably work on tomorrow. I still have a bunch more to go. It's just hard to be in the spirit, even though I've been playing Christmas music all day. I still need to finish wrapping stuff for Chris' family and for the Klizeks. I'll save Chris' stuff for December, though.

I still need to plan the Thanksgiving menu. Sly and I were supposed to go grocery shopping today, but like I said, I was being antisocial. And I have to figure out how the hell I'm gonna get two 20+ pound turkeys into my freezer.

I forgot to post the pictures of my kitsuke practice. Amber, Lue and Nic all got to victims, er, volunteers. I guess I'll add that to the todo list for tomorrow, too. Right now, I just need to go to bed.

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