Saturday, November 26, 2005


Here are the T'day pictures! They are in chronological order, from the beginning to set up to dinner to clean-up. It was a success (as far as I'm concerned, any Thanksgiving where the turkey doesn't catch on fire is) and a joy! Here's how the house looked on Tuesday evening.

Then it begins...from set up, to dinner, to tear down, to normal again.
We had 35 people show up, beginning at 3:45 and the last person left at about 11:45pm.
I cannot take all the credit, Chris helped with setup and teardown (so did Tater) and Sly did half of the cooking. People tore through 32 pounds of turkey, 20 pounds of ham (no leftovers) 1.5 gallons of mashed pototatoes, 10 pounds of yams, 9 pounds of stuffing, 12 pounds of Mac and Cheese, 2 pounds of corn, 2 pounds of green beans, 40 biscuits, and more. Not too much was left over, honestly.


Michael Anthony said...

Dang do you catter on the side? My parents are willing to hire additional help. LOL.
Looks like it was a most enjoyable event!

Seekay said...

Wow! How many people did you feed?!? I assume you invited all the other Americans you know for the event. Isn't it funny how all the out-of-towners gravitate together at times like this?