Thursday, November 17, 2005


So I was running a fever the last few days, and it spiked about 1am this morning. The only thing that really bothers me about having a fever is that I have the weirdest dreams.

So this morning, I was dreaming I was down in the kitchen, baking. Not too unusual. I was baking gingerbread cookies, and I was cutting them out into turkey shapes. I was using an antique cutter that belonged to my Gramma D. I use it whenver I make cut-out cookies, sort of a personal tradition. There were trays of cookies all over the kitchen, some baked, some waiting to go in the oven. It's sunny in the kitchen and I'm having a pretty good time, too. I'm happily churning out cookies when in wanders KELLY (except he was dressed in his bdu's). He kinda looks around at all the baking stuff and then comes over by me while I'm cutting cookies and starts up a conversation:
"Hey what are you making?
"I'm making cookies."
"What are they supposed to be?"
"Huh? They're cookies, what else?"
"No, I mean what are they supposed to look like?"
I kind of wave my cookie cutter at him and say,
"They're supposed to be turkeys, what else, you weener!"
At this point, I pull a tray of the cookies out of the oven.
Kelly looks closely at the tray of cookies I'm holding.
"If they're turkeys, why do they all look like MORLEY SAFER?"
The cookies suddenly turn into images of MORLEY SAFER! All of them!
"HOLY SHIT! IT'S MORELY SAFER!" I yell, loud enough to wake myself up.

So it's about 1am in the morning, I am now awake, I am drenched with sweat, I can't breathe, my ears are plugged, my nose is bleeding and I am royally pissed off that my cute turkey cut-out cookies turned into MORLEY SAFER. But I don't have a fever anymore.

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