Sunday, November 27, 2005


Back when I stopped updating hissyknit, Susann posted a comment to this blog, asking to see knitting stuff. Hallo Susann! Heir sind meine projekts! All completed in the month of November.

Moda Dea Fake Fur
Red Heart Black Acrylic
Size 8 needles

Puppy Brand Mohair (Japanese brand)
Size 8 needles

Some Japanese Yarn
Hat done on size 8 circulars
Mittens done on 8 straights
Bear was done on whatever
The bear was a great way to
use up the leftover yarn!

Chubby Bear
Generic Japanese heathered grey wool
Size 7 needles
If you want him, email me!

Cambria Yarn (Japanese brand)
Size 8 needles

Plymouth Acrylic/Wool Mix
Size 7 needles
Ginormous Hat!
I am not sure what happened!

Fake Fur of some sort
Size 10 needles
Yours if you want it! Email me!

Berocco Zen Ribbon Yarn
Lovely drop stitch
Size 11 needles
Needs a neck! Email me to claim.


Susann said...

Hey Jodi!

Vielen Dank! Du warst sehr fleissig!
Awesome stuff you made there.
I wish I could say of myself that I was so productive. I feel like I've been knitting the same projects forever. ;)

BeachRonin said...

There is a saying 'bun bu in accord'

pen and sword...

it looks like needle and sword in this case, with the armored pic across from the knits