Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Now What?

Yesterday was the first official night of Fall in the T-P household--we turned on the heaters. Well, as much as we could, as we both seem to have forgotten how to operate them and since everything is labelled in Kanjii...we went from freezing to roasting in 30 seconds flat.

I also had a kimono lesson yesterday. My Kimono Sensei, Eiko-san is back and feeling better. I missed her terribly last month and was worried as she was very sick. I sent along a little handmade get well card (a hand-colored print of a kimono, of course) and hoped that I got the gist of it across. Apparently, I made her cry, she was so touched. I didn't want her to cry! I'm glad I she liked the card and I'm glad she's feeling better, I was genuinely concerned. She's the closest thing I have to a real Japanese friend/mentor.

She graded me on my Nagoya obi skills. I got a 17/100 on the first try (she's tough) and the second time, after I got a few pointers, I got a 90/100. Better, but not perfect. I'm going to try to get a shojo (certificate) in Kitsuke (Kimono Dressing), so I need to nail that 100!

Eiko-san also gave me a beautiful Uwagi (jacket) as a presentto (present). It's grey silk and lovely. I am very rucky!

I think I had two heart attacks this week, shit went crazy at work and I got so riled up I actually had chest pains. I also had one sulk and three rants. I was in the middle of a particularly foul-mouthed rant when one of the Majors strolled into the shop. Oops. Luckily, he's probably the nicest man ever but I don't think he took my suggestion that we be allowed to tazer the really stoopid (l)users as the serious idea it was.

Another heart-attack inducing suprise was that a job offer for Weisbaden, Germany has come our way. We could leave as soon as February 06. That's right, it would mean a curtailment of our stay in Japan. We are completely uncertain as to how we should proceed. Weisbaden is very desirable and it is hard to get jobs there. If we pass it up, we may not get another chance. But I was just coming to grips with the fact we were going to stay in Japan at least one more year and the thought of moving just as we're settling in is disconcerting. Also, the idea of giving up on my language lessons (no matter how I despise them) and my kimono lessons and my cute Japanese house and the wonderful friend I have in Eiko-san makes me want to cry. Also weighing heavily into the equation is that fact (don't tell them, they'll all get fat heads) that I love the guys I work with--The Spaz, The Curmudgeon and The Texan. We make fun of each other and argue a lot and occasionally get really mad at each other, but the work dynamic is great, we get stuff done and even manage to have fun. The thought of leaving early makes me feel bad, they would really be struggling for a while, not that I'm irreplaceable, since most days I just keep my Aeron Chair warm, but, well, I just like our shop. A lot. But I'd like to go to Germany AND I'd like to stay in Japan. I need to choose between two wonderful opportunities--stay in Japan or go to Germany. We have to have a decision by Friday (11/4). Now what?

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quitenak said...

wow, what a tough decision!

i'm sure the right choice will become apparent to you by the time you need to make your decision.

good ruck!