Friday, November 04, 2005


We're not going to Germany. We joined our company to come to Japan, our first choice of overseas locations, so why curtail our stay? Perhaps another chance will come our way later.

In other news:

My guest list for Thanksgiving is growing! I think I'm at 20+ people now. I'll need to corner everyone and confirm with those who haven't gotten back to me, and then it is time to tackle the logistics. I love planning. I liked the planning part of my wedding more than the actual execution.
Sly is helping me with the cooking (she makes the best rolls, so I hope she's going to make those). She mentioned helping me with the cleaning of the house. While I appreciate the offer of assistance, I don't want anyone else seeing the dust under my sofa or the other scruddy bits of my house. Cleaning is relaxing for me, anyway, and I don't necessarily view it as a chore.

My mail-order stuff for Xmas gifts have started coming in! Fun! I need to spend next weekend wrapping and packing and getting everything ready to be shipped. Fun, too! I still have a few gifts to buy and some knitted things to finish, but I'm mostly done. I need to buy some Christmas music CD's, too! Mine are all back stateside! Christmas decorations were in the BX before Halloween. I got all pissed off because they had bows, but no wrapping paper. When they finally got it in, I was probably the first person to buy it. It made me happy. The paper's now in the den, waiting to go around presents. Sly, as always, was looking out for my OCD self, she called last night saying she had seen wrapping paper in the BX and she knew I was obsessing about it.

It was a beautiful mild Fall night last night, we didn't need the heaters, which is good, because we still haven't looked at the directons.

Chris has a Japanese lesson tonight, I have Kitsuke practice. So even though it's early here (0600) we're going to work so we can leave a little early today and get some running around done.


The fire at the hospital wasn't really a fire at all, but rather a drill. The smoke was from a smoke bomb, used to simulate well, smoky conditions.

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