Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dinner @ Mike's

Just got back from a small get-together at Mike A's house. Thanks, Mike, for being a gracious host and making me a lovely veggie meal. I have no idea why you thought it wasn't any good--it was terrific. Mike is a very warm, affable person (his blog is on my links list --"Even a Fool") and very much a person who puts others at ease. A successful party is due a lot to the fact our group works (and plays) well together. I think it reflects well that after being cooped up in a windowless room with each other for forty hours a week, we still enjoy each others company enough to get together. It was a nice party, really. Times like these are the ones I am thankful for--all year round. Sometimes the thought of a single day officially designated as "Thanksgiving" appalls me. We should be thankful all year round. Wealth comes in many forms, and tonight was particularly rich in good food, laughter and cameraderie. Thanks again Mike.

Boy, does this up the ante for Thanksgiving. If the dinner goes half as well as tonight's did, I'm good.

Received an email from a old high school buddy. It made my morning, an unexpected "thinking of you" sort of thing. An added bonus was that it was very funny, too. Hysterically so, but since my buddy is in the military and he probably shouldn't be saying such things as he did in that email, I won't reprint it. Not that it matters, it was probably Carnivore'd off the 'net anyway.

No big plans for this weekend, having Nic and Lue and Amber over--Nic for some gaming, Lue and Amber are going to be unwitting victims of a drive-by kimono dressing (I need practice). I will probaby wrap up the Xmas gifts on Saturday and Sunday is random errands day.

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Michael Anthony said...

Hola! Jodi, thank you - it was my pleasure, as you offer the same grace. Indeed, we do work and play well together. Hope yo codes queer up nd feewl bedda... and you know you T-Day will be great!
See you in a few weeks.