Monday, December 19, 2005

Anniversary II or Bob Scores One for the Nerds

Today is the wedding anniversary of Chris' parents.
Here is their wedding picture.

When Chris and I first saw it, we had the following conversation:

J: Dude! Your mom is HOTT! Look at her!
C: Uhhhh...(kinda weirded out by my observation)
J: She is! She's gorgeous...I can kinda see where Steph looks like her, too. The smile.
C: Wow, Tim looks like Dad.
J: Yeah, he does. A lot. Look, your dad has the serious enginerd glasses going, doesn't he?
Hey, your mom also taller than your dad. Your mom is like "Yay! Married!" She's glowing.
C: He does have the nerd glasses. But look at his expression--it's like "Oh, yeah!"
J: It is! He totally knows she's hot.
C: It's Bob Scores One for the Nerds!
J: It's true! It's true!
We crack up like crazy every time we look at the picture.

Happy Anniversary, Bob and Karen!

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