Saturday, December 17, 2005


We had two earthquakes early this morning. One was the of the whimpy rrrrrrr kind but the other one was the pretty big RRRRRRRRUMMMMBLE kind, but still not big enough to get us out of the warm bed and down into the cold (but structurally more sound) bathroom. After I fell back to sleep, I dreamed it was raining and was sad, thinking all the snow would be gone and none left for Christmas. I got up, went into the den and opened the curtains to see this:

I generously decided to leave a taunting message for Sly, but the phone actually rang instead of rolling over to VM, so I hung up after the second ring. It was only 7:38 and I didn't really want to wake her, not even for an assload of snow.

Sly called later in the morning, just to see (as my Japanese naginata instructor says) "what doing".

We missed our company dinner last night, both of us starting feeling really bad at work. We came home and rested but by the time dinner rolled around, neither of us felt any better nor did we feel hungry. Chris and I will go to Ohashi on Christmas Eve or perhaps Christmas Day for dinner.

I am supposed to have a kimono lesson today, but I really don't feel like going out in the snow --I want to stay home and nest. Perhaps I will go later in the day. Right now, I'm going to go make hot chocolate for my breakfast.

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