Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Phone Call

Sometimes out of the blue, you get a phone call that makes your whole day.
On 12/19, I got a call from Cp, my partner in crime when I worked at APL.
It was really good to hear from him! We worked hard and had a lot of fun (and a few misfires, but you can't work 45+ hours a week in a windowless room with someone and not have those).
I don't think he realizes just how much I miss him (but I'm working on my aim).

The most famous Cp and SS story is probably the Effing Server Story. The Hoove (the boss) kinda got mad over this incident, since you need to realize that Cp was at one end of the hall, shouting at me, and I was at the other end shouting back and Hoove's office was in the middle of said hall.


Okay, so it's 7am and I'm crabby because I'm at work (can you blame me) and I haven't even taken off my coat or set down my bag and done the normal morning routine to ease me into the day. As anyone who has done support/sysad for a while knows, there's nothing worse than being ambushed by a problem (especially if you haven't had your breakfast yet, and Cp will vouch for me getting "funny" (his nice way of saying "bitchy") if I don't get my meal(s) at my normal time.

Cp sticks his head out of his office down at the end of of the hall. Imagine this conversation taking place at the top of our lungs, ok? Also keep in mind that I am NOT exagerrating. This was the conversation. I swear. And we just kept getting louder and madder about it as we went on.

Cp: HEY! The fucking server is fucking down! it's a pretty important and pretty cranky server
J: What? (I'm too stunned to believe it. Cp's face is all red and he's hopping mad, too)
Cp: What the fuck else would it mean?
J: Fucked up?
Cp: It's been down since I fucking got here.
J: Did you reboot?
Cp: I fucking rebooted it. Fucking two times!
J: So it's bad?
Cp: Bad? It's fucking bad alright, the fucking server is absolutely fucked.
Cp: The fuck...
J: (now I'm getting mad and red-faced, too) How'd it get fucked up?
Cp: The fuck I know! I just fucking came in and the fucking server was fucked. FUCKED!
J: Well, I don't fucking know, either! I didn't fuck with it. Did you fuck with it?
Cp: No fucking way, I fucked with it, You fucking know I don't fucking touch that fucking server! It just fucking got fucked up!
J: Fucking GREAT. So the server is fucked, we fucking don't know why its fucked because no one fucked with it? Cp, Shit just doesn't get fucked up, just fucking because!!!
Cp: It fucking does! That server is fucked! I didn't fuck with it, you didn't fucking fuck with and the fucking thing is just fucking fucked.
J: And what the fuck am I supposed to do? I don't know what fucked it up or how it's fucked up but I gotta fucking fix it?
Cp: It can't fucking stay fucked up! It needs to be fucking fixed!
J: FINE! I'll fucking fix it!
We both storm off in opposite directions, because we're ready to kill the server - and each other.

By the way, it was the dreaded "Crash On Audit Fail" problem.

Also, any tech support person I have EVER told this story to has laughed until they cried.

Hoove didn't think it was as funny as we did (in retrospect, it's hilarious) and Cp got spoken to about being "professional". Cp and I decided Hoove didn't know what he was talking about, because we're both very fucking professional, thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi,

Well, pretty fucking funny story - and I also wanted to say I love your site. I'm KK82's Mom and it's nice to see a friendly "blog" of someone who looks out for my Airman :)