Sunday, December 11, 2005


What is it about Sundays that fill me with an unspeakable dread? It's still the weekend right? But everything is overshadowed by 'Ugh, tomorrow is work!" which ruins an otherwise enjoyable day off.

Stateside, I mostly stayed home on Sundays-to clean, do the wash, get ready for the week. I wasn't averse to going out. Here, I am. I don't like trying to deal with the madding crowd on Sundays. The Japanese work six days a week-- Sunday is the one day everyone is off, so the roads, shops, and the mall are always a zoo.

Don't feel too badly for the folks, though, Japan has a veritable buttload of national holidays, I think it comes out to something like three a month, I swear. In addition, everything pretty much shuts down during August for the week of Obon (dates vary) and in December/January for The Emperor's Birthday, New Years and probably something else I am forgetting. (many places are closed Dec 23 - Jan 1).

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