Thursday, December 15, 2005


Chris and I had so much fun at dinner with Eiko-san and Aizawa-San and Masako-san.

We went to Ohashi Restaurant, which is a lovely, luminous upscale restaurant--probably one of the best ones in Misawa. The Aizawas seemed to like it very much. Everyone was dressed so nicely, and I noticed that Aizawa-san is an elegant dresser in a very old-fashioned way. He was wearing a cravat, which made him look very distinguished, in that way that old British dudes are, too. Everyone was quite shocked to see me wearing makeup and with my hair done (including me).

Poor Masako-san hardly got a chance to eat, though, because she was translating all the time. I think after Christmas, I will call her up and take her to lunch, just the two of us.

I learned a little more about my Kimono Sensei and her family, which was great. They learned a bit about me, too and stories about my mother's adventures in Tokyo were a good source of laughs.

12.17.05 eta: All of Us at Ohashi!

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